Friday, April 17, 2009

Gardening Blues

Did I mention I never gardened before? So I have lost 2/3's of my starter tray seedlings and I don't know what I did wrong!! So today I went out and planted what was alive, since the farmers almanac assures me we are past any chance of frost. I looked up online about soaking seeds to sow directly in the garden and there is this one website that makes fun of people like me who think it is easy to start seeds!!! I never said it was easy, I said I never did this before. So I think I will go get some starter plants tomorrow and plant them with my weaklings and my new soakers and hopefully I will get a garden.
Today I put herbs, lettuces and spinach in my old flower bed that we filled with compost last week. I soaked the compost and made sure the soil was wet throughout. So I just planted fresh seeds and decided if the good lord is willing they will grow. Provided I water them enough. It is so funny I mentioned to my boss that I was starting a garden, and then I brought in some fresh cole slaw and she asked me "is this from your garden?" he,he,he... She was serious though and I politely said "no I have just planted some seeds it will be a while for my garden to grow. Now I have to plan where I will plant what. Good God there is a lot involved in this process, but if I get one cucumber and one head of lettuce then it will all be worth it!! Just kidding!!! i want more I am an addict I can't lie, I want a huge victory garden. A garden that screams HAH!! to Walmart and I won on my grocery bill!!! I can eat healthy damn it and it is affordable!!
By the way the picture i posted were one of my Gillian or jellybean and two of my Haley.
I believe I am addicted to comments given so I will continue with the flash Friday deal, seeing as I am going into work Tuesday through Thursday it makes it hard to catch up on everything and I kind of go backwards in my readings. So this weekend I will be gardening, mailing off the last of my newsletters and getting ready for area service. I am so thankful to all who comment on my blog so thanks for stopping by. todays thought; "You have to see every potential roadblock as an opportunity and a benefit."—Suze Orman


Mike Golch said...

this is wht I gave up gardening.I killed more stuff that I planted it seems.

Findon said...

Little by little we learn and grow eh.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lots of trials and will get it and learn the good and bad. Takes time I suppose....good luck!!!

Syd said...

You may want to check with your local garden and extension service to get information on growing plants using raised beds. It is simple and the plants do great. Some preparation is needed but that's the fun.