Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday Flash 55

Meditation can heal the soul, thoughts can open a mind. Listening to others can teach you to
be real. Honesty will bring out the true feelings inside.
“We learn to experience feelings and realize they can do us no harm unless we act on them.”*
Do earthlings have the same issues with feelings as Addicts?

Here you go G- Man, my very first Friday Flash 55, is it therapeutic or is it just a bunch of garble?

* IP No. 16, For the Newcomer published by NAWS.


G-Man said...

Everyone breathing has issues with feelings.
What do I think of this?
I think you are awesome!!!
Thank You so much for fulfilling my request Sue.
Wonderful 55..
Thank You for visiting, Thank you for playing, and have a Happy Easter...G

Steve E. said...

Yep, it's 55 all right!

My opinion: When it comes to honesty, pain, suffering from abuse, feelings, fear, paranoia, open-minded, meditation, soul healing and everything else, we are all humans. These are all human characteristics. We are not unique!

My only, MY ONLY difference, is that once I start to drink, I cannot stop, No Matter What. And once another person (you call earthling) starts to drink, he can remembeer that he promised his wife he'd be home by 5 PM, NOT AM.....and THAT'S THAT!

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm still kinda new at Fri. Flash 55 also, but it's a great challenge to tell a story in 55 words.

M 55 is posted. You'll need to scroll down below my bunny rabbits to find it.


Mona said...

I guess, they would. If they are addicts themselves!

Welcome to the world of 55ves!

Shadow said...

"they can do us no harm, unless we act on them" magical words!!!! brilliant 55!!!!!

Akelamalu said...

Well I think it's excellent! Welcome to Flash Fiction. :)

Dr.John said...

Well I'm not Mr. G but I would say it is therapeutic. But then I say that about blogging.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Cooollll. :-

Syd said...

Good stuff and filled with right thoughts: meditation, honesty, listening. Thanks!

ciara said...

i think this is a great first entry. very therapeutic! welcome to the world of 55, glad you joined us :)

ciara said...

p.s. you can find mine here


Prayer Girl said...

Thanks for the Flash 55. Loved it.

I did a Flash once and haven't attempted it again. I think it's time I give it another shot. Maybe next Friday.

Love and Prayers,
Prayer Girl

Prayer Girl said...

Comment #2

It's funny you should ask if I am going to have a "to be continued" for my Friday Flash 55 I just posted. I actually thought about titling it "The Box" Part I, but didn't. Maybe I will do a Part II.

Thanks for the comment.

Khaled KEM said...

I missed some of your previous posts. I love the header picture and I find this post very inspiring and very wise.

Enjoy the Easter Holidays!!