Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well today was very humbling, and I had so much fun. I knew I didn't know enough about photo retouch to have a job. The thing is this wonderful woman is willing to train me. It is very sweet of her, my first mistake was when she saw me do a resize, it was wrong. Then she asked how did i whiten the teeth on her bride and I told her i used the dodge tool, that was what my teacher had taught me, that was wrong. She said you do not use the dodge tool for teeth. Oh. I did not get upset and the great thing was that neither did she. It was like she was totally ok with me not knowing, and i don't know why, but she has all the training you could get at a college right there at her finger tips and she is willing to share. So i started training today. I go back in the morning for more basic training. It was kind of funny because she said to do quick retouches to get the order ready for proofing. So i went to upload the pictures and the first thing i did was ask, how do you upload on a MAC? Not familiar, well neither is she!!! She has 3 computers sitting there, a brand new MAC with a 24 inch screen and doesn't know how to use it, she wants to train me on it. Then she says I can show her how the MAC works!! Crazy fun!! So i did 2 hours of tutorials and notes and came home to practice, I suck. But I am going to keep trying because i believe my higher power has a plan and i don't need to know what that is today I just need to go with the flow. And I really want to learn this stuff!!
It is Wednesday so I need a list of gratitude:
1. I am grateful for being teachable today.
2. I am grateful for Wes willing to spend money on a sitter so I can be schooled.
3. I am grateful I am clean today.
4. I am grateful I got to hear Andy speak again.
5. I am grateful I got to hug my friend Sarah, and that the prayers worked for her.
6. I am grateful for that moment of silence for the still suffering addict at the beginning of every meeting. It got me in the rooms.
7. I am grateful for my garden I am learning to grow.
8. I am grateful that my family is healthy today.
9. I am grateful for bubble baths.
10. I am grateful for Earth Hour this Saturday!!! 8:30pm local time!!
11. I am grateful for the smiles and giggles that fill my house today.
There are so many wonderful things to be grateful for today, I remember growing up in a house of screams. That was communication in my house. Today we talk to each other with respect and I am grateful for that. The joy i get from the thought of coming home is overwhelming. I do wish i could upload some pictures of my plants and back yard but I think the memory on this little PC is full so it will have to wait until my Wes can get to it. We are getting a load of compost on Saturday and the weatherman is expecting snow!! Good thing the little heater works on my green house and I haven't planted yet!! I am grateful for that!! What are you grateful for today? My thought:"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved -loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."
--Victor Hugo


cw2smom said...

Lots to be grateful for today! Love it that you are getting that training! I am envious as I want to get better at my photo editing and do special effects and layers!! Good for you and thanks to her for sharing her light! Blessings, Lisa

Shadow said...

lovely new picture on your blog!!! and you've just pointed something out to me, i've kinda not been aware of. but i used to be unteachable. i knew best. i knew better. but that was before... wow. change happens quite sneakily, yet steadily... and i love your gratitude list!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Seems like you have a wonderful and patient teacher. Keep on learning....
Love your grateful list.
I am grateful for time, my family, my health.
have a good day,

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post, love the whole being teachable and it just gets better!

Millennium Housewife said...

I am grateful for life, in all its forms and for everything it brings.

Thunder Thighs said...

Love the grateful list! Fantastic! :')

Findon said...

Keep practising and practising. If you have found something you love to do, then that is worth working for. Thanks for the kind comments bye the way.

steveroni said...

You really spread your 'good cheer' around. Everywhere I go I see your comments, supporting your peeps, even moi. And it is hearwarming to know that you really care about so many.

There is so much to learn, so I/you might as well figure out what it's gonna be...and go there!

Thanks for your kindnesses.
Steve E.