Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday and pirates

little angels everywhere are all around and fun to catch. they like to play in gardens and sleep on flowers. this is what i told my daughters today, they can't wait for our garden to grow and bring the little angels from everywhere.

it is so much fun playing with two little ones and it is amazing how much they absorb on a daily basis, did you know my jillybean believes that if she pushes hard enough she will push over the big old elm tree in our front yard. and pirates go "aargg".

so while i am feeling better i still have some anxiety about the future. now my oldest "a" wants to go out on a date saturday night with her new boyfriend who is 17, has a truck and a job, which is more than a whole bunch of people i know. again he is 17, has a truck and a job, i don't think this is a bad thing it is just not good for my anxiety that my daughter wants to go out on a date with him. did i mention my daughter is 15 and this would be her first real date. she has had boyfriends before and the thing was when she said she was going "out" with them, they never technically went out. i remember when she believed in santa claus. i remember when she was jills age and we were asleep she woke up early and tried to make mommy and daddy breakfast in bed. she was so smart. still is, anyway she brought in the tub of butter from the fridge the loaf of bread from the table and the cinnamon/sugar mix and when captain stupid and i woke up she had butter and sugar all over the bedspread, in her pigtails and it was so sweet. now she wants to go out with this boy who has a truck. and when she goes haley and the bean and i will wait by the window for the fairies to put on their night lites and bring the flowers to the beds. we may even blow some magic bubbles to stay just like this for a little while longer. i want to hold on to every moment.

today is wednesday and this is my gratitude list;
1. i am grateful for the fairies that bring a smile to my little girls faces.
2. i am grateful for the wonder in thier eyes as they wait for santa claus.
3. i am grateful for my mommy who taught me how to believe in santa claus.
4. i am grateful for my health today and the fact that i do not have cancer.
5. i am grateful for my health insurance, that i did not have before.
6. i am grateful for my recovery and the tools to get out of the funk.
7. i am grateful for my ability to be honest and to fight denial.
8. i am grateful for pirates that go "aarrgg".
9. i am grateful for the rainbows that float in bubbles.
10. i am grateful for this blog and my new found friends that always stop by and say hi.
11. i am grateful to plug earth hour and the excitement of people joining for a great cause.
what are you grateful for today, is it little, big or imaginary, it doesn't matter what you are grateful for, just that you are grateful. todays thought; "Whatever my accomplishments, all of the things I loved in life, were rooted in the dreams and goals I had as a child..." The late Randy Pausch. Exerpt from page 13 of "The Last Lecture" Today I am a Tigger.


steveroni said...

If your address is on the blog, tell me where it is. If not...that's OK! But I want to 'talk' sometimes. E.g., ya know, there are just SO MANY sad (and true--that's what's so sad...they're TRUE!) stories out there.

And we're running into them here also, just seems like so many more than other years. Maybr I'm just listening better. But it is getting to be a job to KEEP HAPPY, and stay above the fray. So thank you for that comment on 'mine' tonight. Picked me up.
Steve E.

Shadow said...

and a wonderful tigger you are!!!!!

i also made up stories about the fairies in the garden when the bean was little, he still remembers it now, and tells it with a smile on his face. but damn, they do grow up, don't they.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hey there...great post...lots going on in your brain. ;)
Those little ones are cute...and I always thought Pirates did aarrrghh.
It is good to be grateful for what we do have...especially in times of trouble. I agree.
About your daughter going "out"...
I would have some serious trouble with that. 15 is really young and a boy of 17, not so much. That is just my opinion.
I am trying very hard to keep my girls away from any chance of "trouble".
I just remember myself at that age and the fact that I had NO sense of what was going on around me sometimes...and boys are BOYS. Well, they are boys trying to be MEN. Even nice boys still have men parts...that is what I tell my girls. ;)
My oldest is 15 1/2 and is not allowed to be alone w/ a boy....but perhaps I am a bit overprotective??? nahhh....
take care-Suz

Mama Zen said...

As I was reading this, I was immediately filled with gratitude that I have a few years to prepare for my daughter's first date! Yikes!

LarryG said...

thanks for your great comments over at Yesterday-today... I really like the one you just left :)
I love your grateful list -
I especially like the first item "I am grateful for the fairies..." that is way too cool!

Lou said...

I'm just getting around to reading the Last Lecture!

steveroni said...


Findon said...

Like the gratitudes. Like your blogs. Keep em coming.