Friday, March 27, 2009

Weather Watch

Hello out there is bloggerville!! This is your Wichita weather report. Forecasters are calling for snow, lots of snow. I just googled and saw a big blue cloud on the radar!! So i am looking out my window and guess what, no snow!! We are told to watch for thunder snow!! Look I caught an angel in the sky!! I have never heard of thunder snow.
Empty promises are so boring!! I have been wanting to see some snow all winter, of course if we do get hit this means we will need to re-rototiller the land, but I am OK with that, I see this as God working in my favor. See a lot of other local gardeners have already started planting and have lost some crop, I know this is not good, but I have almost 200 seedlings in my mock greenhouse that are not ready to plant yet, and my teacher told me that gardeners share, so I will be sharing my crop, if it grows, with others. My little cucumbers are so cute and so are my squash!! They have strong little stalks growing up!! All my lettuces are growing along with my spinach!! Do you pick spinach young and that's why they call it baby spinach or is baby spinach an actual breed? And how do you create a male and female plant for pollination?
So the big news in Wichita is this huge storm coming out of Colorado. Wes tells me that they closed down the Denver office, where he works, and that I-70 has been closed since yesterday. We haven't had any winter weather this year so it would be good for the spring crops to get some moisture.
Oh my lessons are going wonderfully, I have been practicing my retouches and I am going to go to to watch all the free tutorials they have available. I don't go back until Tuesday so Libby, my wonderful teacher in photoshop, said if I go through all the tutorials and want to learn more to give her a call and she will give me her account info so I can watch the ones she has already paid for. She started me with the photoshop simplified DVD yesterday and I already have learned so much more than I did before.
So I can shave a man in a picture without a real razor!! I can remove bags from your eyes and make your double chin go away!! I can brighten eyes and create fresh sparkles in them i just need to get faster at the retouches. I do not have a wacom tablet, it is a bamboo, but it is great for beginners. Oh and I learned that the MAC is way different then a PC. It was so funny, yesterday I was watching the tutorial by Ed Peirce, and he was talking about calibrating the monitors and I touched the wacom pad and my photoshop closed down!! There was not any reason so i clicked it back on and my pictures I was working on stayed in place, but the program was gone. Then I noticed when the program was running that you could see the desktop right through the program!! It was so weird, you MAC users are laughing right now and I am sure my PC buddies are like "what?" Well get this I press pause on my tutorial and tell Libby we really need to figure out what is wrong with your MAC because only part of the photoshop is showing up. Libby said she was going to call someone who knew how to work on MAC, I said I will call Wes. So I get him on the phone and explain what is going on and that the background screen for the photoshop program is not working and there was some "finder bar at the top of the screen and there were not even any "open", "minimize", or "close" buttons in the upper left hand program of the screen. This is where Wes explains to me, this is a MAC and that is how they work, it is slightly different from a PC but it is perfectly normal, just takes some getting used to!!
Then before i hung up with him he tells me to tell Libby it would be $82.50 for the consultation call!!
So now i am taking MAC tutorials from Wes and Photoshop tutorials from Libby, she has an endless library of learning and has no issue with training me. I am so truly blessed today. Wes is working from home today and just came out to see some snow, but it is just windy and cloudy. I will bring my trays in tonight before we go to bed so they are safe. I have a little space heater that I borrowed from Paula that has been doing great keeping them warm, we are just going to bring them in to be safe.
I want to grow strawberries but i think I may need to order them from Johnny's because they had some at Atwoods but the batch froze, and I don't know how old they are, I have a Johnny s catalog that is advertising they have 18 month old strawberry plants, which would give me berries this year!! You know us addicts, we want what we want when we want them!! I cannot grow blueberries because the PH level in my soil is about 6.5 and that is supposed to be no higher than a 5. So we are going to compost and that should be good for my soil but I do not foresee me having the time to try to bring the PH level any lower, this is my first time doing anything like this.
Well it is early still and i have some silver dollar pancakes cooking for my girls, they want johnny cakes but I am out of honey, so whole wheat silver dollars will have to do. Still no snow in Wichita Kansas , but it is early, i hope for some but the storms always seem to pass us we get snow to the immediate north and south of us but now on us. More will be revealed for today's thought; I've always believed in the idea that each of us has a particular place in the universe where we belong, and that if we find it everything will fall into place and we will flourish. —Patrick O'Connell, chef


Busy Bee Suz said...

Girl, you have lots going ON!!!!
Your garden is going to be so fantastic...I am GREEN with envy. I would love to eat nothing but organic food from my yard...I can even do away with meat!!!
the retouching is just amazing that can be done these days...I just wish I could re-touch my chin in real life and not just pictures!!!
Good luck this weekend..take care, suz

g-man said...

Kansas is such a strange place....
I like it a lot, but then I don't live there.
Have a Great Week-End Susie-Cue...G

Syd said...

I have 5 Mac's at home. I really like them. And it's cool to clean up photos with Photo Shop. The garden sounds great. My is going like gangbusters.

74WIXYgrad said...

I have 2 PC's at home. The only time I can get a Mac is when I go to McDonalds.

So we are all invited to the picnic you are going to have with all these veggies you are growing, right?

Shadow said...

heee heee heee, you're gonna have to google baby spinach plants, i can't help you there...

and i'm so glad i know you now. can send you all my pictures for you to doctor?!?!?!?!?! have a good weekend sweet girl, and i hope the snow doesn't do something nasty to all your little baby plants...