Friday, May 27, 2011

friday post

my body aches from head to toe my fingers are blistered from heat gun my house looks like an abandoned shack 4 days and three helpers sure make a difference. stripping off paint from such an old house causes me pain and hours of doubt that this will never be complete. soon this chore will be finished though and my prize is my dream house waiting for us. inspection is rescheduled and the sellers have been warned.

 i have help all weekend and then on Wednesday and Thursday my sister is coming her husband is such a big help, even my baby brother tried to help out. my honey has been working all week and was worried, we would not get much done. i should say he was worried i would not get much done. been out every morning at 9 in the am, just got in and realized i missed flash fiction Friday again. sorry g!! gonna have to wait until the move is complete. 

i realize there are people who are obsessed with what i write and will twist every single thing i say. yes i am still having issues with family. well i may not be able to stop them from reading my posts, and i am also not going to allow them to run me out of my blog. i have been worried about posting anything with such rage and anger aimed at me. what can i say, being me has created a lot of enemies in my life. and while they may obsess and continue to spew hate at me via the internet, i just don't need to read what they say. i am committing myself to avoid said cyberspaces to save what little sanity i have managed to create in my insane brain.

i am just exhausted. my back is spasming right now, i think i need a heating pad... 

that just leaves me with today's thought; "What worries you, masters you."- Haddon W. Robinson


beachteacher said...

ice...not heat...and congrats on all that you're getting done...that kind of work is tedious and takes time.

Syd said...

Renovation and remodeling is hard work. I am glad that you are making progress towards the dream house.