Tuesday, May 24, 2011

inspection update

my inspection got cancelled apparently nobody contacted the seller to schedule this. she would not let the inspector in the house. i don't get it, we have 10 days after signing the contract, which we did last week on the 17th. am i supposed to contact this lady? i thought that was the realtor's job. i mean really we scheduled this last week i did it myself. i was told we were good to go. now my agent is saying next week. well i don't have until next week i am contacting a new inspector and she can send an alternate if she is busy. i am pissed off right now.

we are stripping paint off the house now. he is out there, the storm passed and he went back out to strip more paint. i am watching 4 kids in the house right now and i feel completely useless. will post picks as soon as we get in the house for inspection.

gotta call in to jury duty now and see what else i need to do to complete my civil duty.

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Syd said...

I would contact the realtor and make sure that the seller is aware and okay with the inspection. Light a fire under their butts. In this housing market, people should be falling all over themselves to sell.