Wednesday, May 25, 2011

morning update

well i have been excused from jury duty. hooray. it rained some last night, we were blessed not to see any tornados. oklahoma got hit and so did my friends in larned kansas. there were a few tornado's last night. so i guess i was supposed to be home with my girls instead of at an inspection. they were pretty scared. it is gloomy out today, i will make some oatmeal and have some coffee and wait for my helpers. we will start stripping the paint again today. We were out there after dark last night. when the rain stopped we started.

not much else to talk about. i did not got to the regional business meeting last month, i am glad to have missed it we put an offer on our new home that weekend. i was finished with my work there and they didn't want my humble opinions anyway. i need to figure out how to sell this avon. not doing so well with it.

i think sometimes i am not cut out for such things as retail sales. then other days i can do really well with it. some of the  tactics these women are telling us to do are just not for me. i would like to get into presidents club, however i don't think i am willing to sell to people who are not really interested. i have this one gal for instance, she decided to order some perfume, now she won;t call me back. so i can't deliver yet i still owe for the product and it is going to cost me to send it back. sell i am going to send it back. and give her number to my sister. if she wants to order then that happens to be a product my sister actually keeps in stock, i don't have stock i did not start selling to spend money, i am trying to make money. now i have a couple of customers who order and then when i tell them the orders are in they come here and pay me, no driving around trying to find them, using up my gas, and it works out well. if i find a few more like that it would be fun to sell avon.

heading to get some fresh coffee and check on my peeps. gotta call some different inspectors and get my realtor on the line and set up another inspection this week. i am not waiting until the last minute to get this done. 
todays thought; "One can't have wisdom without living life."- Kianoush


Anonymous said...

I like that quote you chose "One can't have wisdom without living life." I am trying to make some decisions lately, and am kind of obsessing about it. I need to remember that I may make the "wrong" decision, but even if I do, I will learn from it.

Syd said...

Hope all continues to go well with the house.

qtieboi said...

i am Not perfect nor do I ever claim perfection I am your brother and I do claim that I will not ever forsake you in a time of need I will stand by you and love you and honor you in all you do I can do no more than that If I ever ever ever do wrong by You I am sorry I never meant to but I will never spew hate or filth or lies against you I will stand by you always because I am your brother I love you dearly Sue with all my heart and I thank god you are my sister every single day because I have you and I know I am truly blessed.