Tuesday, July 6, 2010

tuesday rant

i love this picture. i found it online. i downloaded a ton of new brushes for my photoshop and i love the work i am getting done. i feel real bad today. i gained a pound and a half. i fell off the weight watchers wagon over the last week. my mother in law was here and then his brothers family came in to town. i asked if we could go to the healthy restaurant and nobody wanted to go. it is hard to maintain a healthy diet when no one else wants to. i know i need to get back on track, today i am going to the gym, the library and then another panel presentation. we have therapy tomorrow, joy...

i am very anxious about the area business meeting. i hate confrontation and after the last presentation a fellow whom i don't get along with is going to be there. we used to be friends and now he just hates everything i do so much that he berates my work in front of professionals. he did a panel presentation with us last week and then told the professionals how this scripts were sterile and how he could have just emailed them to the professionals. this is our public information chair. if he ever read a handbook on how to conduct a panel then he would know that you need to keep it 'sterile'. uugh it is so frustrating, we had a rehearsal before the presentation and he could have said something then, he could have asked for changes if he didn't like them. no instead he takes all integrity, if he ever had any, and throws it out the window and shows his ass in front of the community corrections officers in wellington. i am so angry about what he did and i can't say anything because it will come out angry and bad. i don't want to face this person i just want him to fall off the face of the earth with his smug little self entitled grin. ok so it is good that i have therapy tomorrow. i also have a new sponsor, i think i told you that. i have never heard back from my old sponsor and it has been over a month. i left her three messages.

ok this is my update i will try to post again, soon. i am going to the gym to get some happy endorphins i hope you all have a wonderful week, we had rain all weekend for the fourth and we got our fireworks soaked!! how was your independence day?


Busy Bee Suz said...

I do hope things get better....you will be fine in your weightloss, because you are serious about it.
We had rain all weekend too, but it keeps us from having fires, so that is good.

Syd said...

Hang in there. Hopefully, thinking of Tradition One will help with the meeting.

The Fourth was beautiful here. The weather was really nice and the people a lot of fun.

Mama Zen said...

Rained out here on the 4th!

Jingle said...


6 awards,
pick anything you like,

DivineMistyM said...

if I were you, I wouldn't give anyone else a say in what is eaten in the home. One if you need to get healthy so does everyone else there. I am learning to break my habit of trying to please everyone and so should you. Do you want your family healthy? Then you have to make them do it. If they bitch and moan, too bad. If I had a real kitchen right now we would totally be eating healthier. As it is I have an electric skillet and a microwave... can't do much with that, and when your family complains about the food, tell them they're eating better than me and my family are right now and they should be grateful for what they have. I love you Sue, but you totally have to get tough on these people. :P