Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday update-again

just got a call from the doctors office. my annual check up was last week and all my blood work was done. i wasn't worried this time though, in fact it was the first time i actually thought i had nothing to worry about since i am doing so well on weight watchers and eating healthier. turns out not so good, i am officially diabetic. no more coffee...
this really sucks


Syd said...

Sorry that you are diabetic. It is a serious illness. Take care of yourself.

Ms Hen said...

No more coffee. I still am so amazed on the loving effort you put into my favorite thing in the world.. coffee. (hugs). I did not know diabetics can't drink coffee.

Well your health is more important.

I have heard of people just enjoying the beautiful smell of coffee..

hugs again.

clean and crazy said...

diabetics can drink coffee, provided it has no sugar in it. i need my sugar in coffee. i have tried, splenda, nutrasweet, stevia, every other fake sugar on the market, to no avail, nothing tastes like sugar.
now i can cook with it and put it in all kinds of other things, in fact the only thing i use sugar in is my coffee.

Kim A. said...

I have found that tea, given time, can fill that spot. Earl Grey is a hardy tea. I don't know if you can have tea but I put lemon in mine, or mint, or cream. ::congrats on the WW::


Chic Mama said...

Oh no....really sorry about that, make sure you look after yourself.
I know how much you enjoy coffee too. :0( XX

Jingle said...

nice to visit you today,
Prayers for you.
hang in there,
take a deep breath,
and feel better.

Her Big Sad said...

Oh that's not good! But actually, as far as "no good" goes, that's not horrible.... speaking from experience! I was diagnosed about six or seven years ago. I can tell you that if you will go ahead and use the splenda, and perhaps a sugar free flavored creamer (I love vanilla)... The first day or so, meh, blah! I sucked it down to get the caffeine kick start to the day. I promise, on about the fourth or fifth day, you find some real satisfaction in that Splenda-sweetened cup. It's a matter of retraining the tastebuds, I guess. I hated it the first couple days. But really, the diabetic thing is not so hard to manage. I've ended up grateful I had the "misfortune" to be diagnosed with something I can manage totally by diet and exercise. It's a huge motivator to me, to avoid medications and insulin injections! You can do it!! You're on the right track with the recent weight loss and I will be praying for you as you adapt to the necessary changes in lifestyle/eating program! Hugs!

DivineMistyM said...

((((((((((SUE))))))))) I feel bad about the no coffee. Have you tried sugar free flavored creamers? I think weight watchers even has their own brand. Worth looking into.