Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tuesday update

well the time has come, no turning back now, inspection on Friday!!! Just got a call from the city with the go ahead to inspect my home for the daycare!! Remember the daycare, the thing i tried to start back in July? Why yes i have been slowly following through on that, and now finally I am up for inspection!! Still not sure if I am ready, but she will be here on Friday morning and I better be ready!!!

Wes still needs to remove the junk in the back yard and I think I need a cover for my water hose but I think that is it, the rest of the home is ready.

So I will do some spring cleaning just to get it pretty, and cross my fingers that by Monday I will be open for business.

So my weight watchers update... it sucks, i am allowed 30 points a day and we are given an extra 35 points per week, well I was making my breakfast yesterday and my bread was 4 points for 2 slices, well I found these thin buns that are only 1 point so I switched. saving 3 points. I have cut out my butter, i eat the bread dry, but here is the kicker, my coffee with cream and sugar is 2 points. i will not give up my coffee, not ready yet. so i gave up butter to allow my coffee, and the 4 point toast as well. and i am using about half the sugar and cream then before so that is huge for me. the problem is yesterday my points were at 34 because i had 4 cups of coffee. and i was a bit hungry because i used so many points on coffee. here is the problem, i have tried every single sugar substitute out there, yuck!! every time a new one comes out i try it, i know i need to cut my sugar, my whole family is diabetic, but when it comes to my coffee, sugar and half and half are the way to go. Well there is the problem, 1 tblsp sugar- 1 point, 2 tblsp cream- 1 point. so like i said that is really less then i was putting in. pretty bad huh. well the good news is i have already lowered my intake so yeah me. and i will give myself a month or even 2 months then try to cut it in half again so that way my coffee is just one point. don't think i will go lower then that but i am going to push myself to do that.

ok that is where i am at today, oh o went to the gym yesterday and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 3.5 miles per hour( that's pretty fast) and then the last minute and a half i kicked it up and ran at 5 miles per hour, so I burned 199 calories and earned 2 extra points for the week. Wes and i are training for a 5k walk/run in june we will see what happens. i feel pretty good today as i stretched for 20 minutes afterwards, i hurt so much after i got off the treadmill, my butt hurt!! that was different!! i don't remember the last time i felt a pain there!! so i am down 4 pounds and i weigh in on sunday and will find out if i lost any this week as well. my starting weight was at 222 but i was at 226 the last time i was at the doctors, funny though my license says 165!!

i wonder if those people that read those know we are lying or not? the cops never said anything either! the state could make a lot of money with a 'guess you weight' game at the license office!! put a scale in there and I guarantee you the state would pick up a lot of money from women not fessing up to their real weight, my sister lied about her height!!

That was a sad one the other night we weighed out our meat portions and my sister was here and i asked her if she was interested in weight watchers i could show her how, she looked angry and acted like it was a punishment to eat raw vegetables. it was like she was saying, even though she didn't, this is my only vice and you are not taking it away from me. she was so not willing, i know she won't be around to see her 55 birthday. she is only 18 months older then me but she is in worse shape then her father was. he just dropped dead at the bingo hall. powerless, it is how i feel when i am around her. because i cannot change her fate, only my own. i think i am the only one in the family who does not have diabetes. i don't want diabetes. or kidney failure or an oxygen tank. so off to the gym i go, hope you all have healthy choices today and are blessed with seeing the little miracles our higher power has put in front of us today, like this beautiful sunrise, the birds singing or kids giggling!!


Mama Zen said...

I haven't changed the weight on my license since I was 16.

Good luck on Friday!

Ji said...


honorable mention on short story,
you are super star award...
cool you!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I was never good at dieting, seems that in my recovery, when I'm more focused on others, I find it's much easier to realize I haven't eaten poorly and amazingly sometimes I even crave healthy food and portions.


I love this program!

Jingle said...

Happy Wednesday!
dieting is cool,
individuals have different fits.
Best wishes!

Syd said...

Good luck with the inspection and with the dieting. Good for you on wanting to be healthy.

Anonymous said...

Exciting about the daycare. Good luck with it. Have you looked into Splenda? My wife substitutes it for all kinds of things where we used to use sugar and I really can't tell the difference! No points and a lot healthier and better tasting than the other substitutes!!!

DivineMistyM said...

Uhhhh, as far as I know Jimmy isn't diabetic, and I know I sure as hell am not. So no you aren't the only one who isn't. I weigh 225 and I am going to lose 75lbs by December so I can fit into my wedding dress in January. Yep that's right your baby sister is getting married. If it was going to be a big todo, I would invite you and Wes and the kids, but it's probably just going to be like a Vegas or a trip to the justice of the peace wedding. We can't afford more than that. But I still want the dress. I have a pair of the dr scholls fitness walkers (they're like Sketcher Shape ups but half the price) and My power walking starts today. I actually started it before we left Vegas, but I'm going back to it today. Good luck on your weight loss.

G-Man said...

Good Luck Suzie-Q

Connie Barris said...

Hi.. I was out and about ...

my good friend has a blog on her addiction... she took another drug to help come off.. other than methadone... not sure what it was though...but had great results

might want to ask her

blessings and God Luck

Jingle said...


5 awards on bottom of my post,
enjoy what you like.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

We should become WW buddies, and OMG I too am training for a 5K, I would love to hear what else you're doing if so inclined...great job and I am so excited to hear the good work...

take care