Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunday thoughts

well i did it, i started weight watchers today. i hope i can stick with it, my points for today were tough, i didn't get a chance to have breakfast so my lunch left me hungry and i was scared to eat as i didn't want to over eat. i am using this new tool called mars edit to post to the blogger. i also created a new blog, it is for the hispanic group, it is just an announcement page with some original Na artwork i created for the group, it is also in spanish, i can leave the address and you can stop by and have a look but unless you read Castillian Spanish you may not understand what you are reading.

ok let me see if i can load some pictures here...

Here is the bean just hanging around the doctors office...

And looking as cute as ever in her slick shades..

here we are getting ready to work in the garden, don't take her shovel from her!!

my new rototiller!! ok it is used but it is built right!!

here Wes decided to plant rows of potatoes and onion sets, he tilled the garden and liked the rows it made and wanted me to not rake them down, he wanted to use them to plant in. so now we plant in these rows that do not seem to look as good as last years garden... oh well that is life, we shall see if they grow, or not..

ok this is pretty easy now that i know what i am doing i can post more tomorrow.

i want to give a shout out to Ji!! thank you sweetie for nominating me for, i am not sure what but it was cool, i know i am not a poet or creative with writing and i don't draw, but you put me in some excellent company!! so thanks so much!!
oh not sure if i can link it through this mars thingy but here is the address to my Hispanic website '' i will post this and then edit thew link in blogger. check it out we even have our own phone line!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Weight Watchers. My mother has had wonderful success with it over the years. It is her "program of choice" for tending to her body. Just yesterday she said that she now understand, "One Day at A Time" and has decided to adopt that slogan for her weight. Not a bad idea I think.

I think the tilled rows look beautiful ~ of course, this comes from a brown thumb of a gardener. I wish I had just a teeny little plot to try to grow something...anything! Maybe I'll try for a potted basil plant :)

Love the pictures of your bean. So cute in the slick shades!

Hugs today.....Karis

Ji said...

thanks for the feedback,
place any links, not limited to my list, in your next comment,
if you believe that you shall win, please include yourself as well, yes, you can nominate yourself.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) Have an awesome week!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats on the ww incentive!!
Love those 'hater blockers'...your girls are adorable.
Rototilling barefoot?????
I have taters growing cool. Good luck.

74WIXYgrad said...

So, speaking of pics, you will have to take some before and after photos during your journey with Weight Watchers.

As far as your new blog is concerned, since I don't speak or read Spanish, I won't stop by.

I'm also glad that you were the first to comment on my latest post as you were someone I thought of when I wrote it.

Syd said...

Great on the garden. It looks awesome. And I dig the tiller. Good luck with your weight reduction efforts.

Jingle said...

some May awards,
Happy Sunday!