Wednesday, April 28, 2010

just call me puddles


So we had the public information booth today at the senior center. it went well, really, really well. Then i got rid of the area PO Box key so one less item to worry about. My sisters husband watched the girls this morning so I could do my service work and when i got back the bean was in a pair of big red shorts, big!!
I said where are her pants, he said she just peed over and over again in her pants. so I told him to just call her puddles!!

So i need to watch a couple of parenting videos and we need to get some shopping done for some supplies for the daycare and i think we are set. oh my gosh i think i am going to be licensed!!

i am having hunger cravings like crazy!! i was finishing up lunch and the bean left a chicken nugget uneaten and as i was cleaning off the table i stuck it in my mouth!! after realizing what i did i spit it out!! and with all the craziness this week i haven't been to the gym but i spent several hours outside yesterday getting the debris removed from my yard.

i feel like i'm slipping back into old habits and not wanting to try because the results aren't fast enough. you know for an addict, i want what i want when i want it. that is a recipe for disaster. i felt i needed to blog about it to get it out in the open, i don't want to quit the weight watchers. it feels like i am going to relapse on food!! i am hungry and i just ate. i am stuffing and i don't want to talk about it, area is this weekend and i am always anxious about it.

i have been involved with activities for so long and i feel the need to be more involved with public information, at the regional level however those two subcommittees meet at the same time, so i have some praying to do.

when i get caught up in resentments or something is eating my lunch, i find that for me the solution is talking about service work, then it keeps my head from spinning out of control.

now haley has a huge red mark on her thigh!! last sunday the bean had one from the hep-a shot, haley went back to the doctor for the rest of her 4 year vaccines and they did them in the same leg!! now she is having an allergic reaction. i took pictures of it just now and we are heading back to the doctors office...

to be continued....


Jingle said...

she is cute,
love heals everything.

Syd said...

Keep going with your weight loss. It does take time but persistence pays off. Take care and hope that Haley is okay.

Anonymous said...

Could she be any cuter? Thanks for the picture!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Awww...poor babies and their shots...poor puddles and poor Mama and eating bad stuff. :)
Keep up the good work, you can do it.

Ann said...

Keep hanging in there!!!! Praying for you and you sweet little girl!!!

Gledwood said...

do you mind my asking what you were addicted TO?... just curious

and I'm also wondering how you managed to get stopped..?