Monday, December 27, 2010

post christmas blues...

well we had a very merry christmas, with grinches and all. a wonderful visit with family and i am sad it is over. the big house that has done lights for years did not shine this year. there was a for sale sign in the yard. wes said they went into foreclosure to pay for the christmas lights!! goof ball. he loves his kindle, i finally got him a gift that is not collecting dust on the shelf!! he totally geeked out over it and the Red Swingline Stapler!! yes the one from office space, if you haven't seen the movie you won't get it and if you have seen the movie and don't get it, don't worry i didn't care for it either, but he works in an office and is a cult follower of that geeky movie and i finally found one!!hey i will add some pictures!!
 here are my beautiful flowers my baby gave me for christmas.. made me cry i got the sniffles now
 these two picture perfect girls looked fabulous in their little dresses. we went today and got portraits done, tomorrw my haley will be 5. no more fours!! right now they are both 4.
here is what santa left under the tree.. lots of goodies though mom thought she got robbed because her present wasn't under there, i waited until her children got here so they could all give it to her together.
 then i let wes decide how to cook the roast beast and well lets just say the house filled up with smoke for a bit!! here is a shot i took of the living room and my camera captured the smoke!!

 mom was quite the unexpected grinch all day. of course we gave her a hell of a cold she wasn't feeling good but she could have tried to smile for the camera.

 oh look i think she crakced one!! maybe not. the whole afternoon she chose to not speak to anyone, it was strange, now mind you this is the first time all three of her sons were together for a picture in 25 years. seriously my honey in orange on the left then mom and his older brother darryl and his oldest brother ben. she looks frightening here. i wonder what she is thinking...
 oh it looks like she is smiling now. i enjoyed the whole thing and wes was upset at his mom's behavior. she had ben take her home as he lives in kansas city. so he set up her tv. chris and darryl stayed through monday and we had a blast the rest of the weekend talking and just enjoying each other. it was awesome.
 here is my bean eating home made whipped cream!! and cheesecake!!

 here are larry, moe and curly then some of the fun shots trying to get everyone to pose for the camera!!
 yeah that puppy is not real he can't be in the picture, but the real one can!!
 katie, chris, juliette and darryl
wes, haley me adrianna and the gilly-bean, and her fake dog!!

hope you all were blessed with a wonderful holiday weekend. i know i was!! thanks for sticking around as long as you have, and thanks for caring and being here. hope to read you all in the new year as well. hey guess what my new jeans are a size 10!! can you believe it!!


Akelamalu said...

Great family photos! That's what I love most about Christmas - the one time when all my family converge on my home and we have a blast.

Congrats on getting into a size 10 jeans!

magiceye said...

lovely bonding post!!
have a super year ahead!!

Noelle said...

Here's to a fabulous year ahead! Looks like you had a wonderful Christimas!! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Pooh on the grinches. :)
Love all the photos. Christmas is not Christmas unless there is ONE unhappy person around. :)
Happy birthday to your baby!!!!!

Brian Miller said...

what great pics...glad you had fun! we did as well...and hope you have a wonderful new years!

Syd said...

I like the photos. Mom did smile eventually. The girls look nice in their Christmas dresses. Take care and Happy New Year.

Mama Zen said...

Your girls look so cute! Fabulous pictures!