Monday, May 3, 2010

no results still living though

well the surveyor never showed up, so i continue to wait. the garbage lady did not take the bundles of brush so i called them and i am waiting for a call back from them.

Saturday i had a booth to put up at the Cinco de Mayo celebration put on by the Latino Peace Officers association, that did not go so well, my partner who was supposed to work the booth with me was running late, I had forgotten the literature rack and some literature at home due to rushing because when we woke up there was no electricity. So i called her to go grab it on her way and she told me she was just in an accident!! she wrecked her car!! Poor thing she was ok thank God, so I called someone else from a different group and i ended up making 3 great contacts.

After that we took the kids to the Winfield "Kanza Days" it is similar to the state fair and they had pony rides and kids exhibits. We walked up there and didn't know who to pay so my nephew asked how much and they told him it was free!! So my babies got to ride the Big Ponies like 3 times each!! Look at Haleys big Smile!!

When it was time to leave the bean was just heartbroken. So we took her to get an ice cream and they were giving out those for free too!! Unbelievable!! Well we wanted to at least purchase one of the buttons and show support!! Then they had the kids tractor pull that we thought we missed out on...


Nope Here is the bean!! she got 9 feet with help!!


Here is my louie!!He pedaledSo hard!!


He took first Place!! Now he is entered in the state fair competition!!


Here the kids are on some real tractors!!


Here is alex on the tractor pull, he didn't win but I think he had a lot of fun!!

did I tell you we were looking into moving down here? we found a couple of houses we are interested in and the neighborhood rocks, there is such a great sense of community here and everyone knows everybody else.
Well we had a very heated business meeting yesterday, i think i lost a friend and a home group. i stood up for the primary purpose and i showed my ass a bit. i got so angry i know i owe the area an apology, i was verbally attacked and called a liar and i about lost it.
i put in two motions for the area to vote on the first was for a literature rack to put into a local senior center. the groups didn't understand, i was not asking for my group i was asking the area to perform a public service. the 2nd motion was for literature to put in the rack. i thought if they shot one down but not the other at least something would be better then nothing. at any rate someone kept saying this would 'set precedence' what that we are supposed to help the still suffering addict?

then someone else read the policy, that we were supposed to help, when we asked for help we were supposed to receive it, that is the purpose of these meetings. i felt like i had to fight tooth and nail just to get my point across. After the second motion went out for the literature someone asked what was the intent and my friend said the intent was deceit. and he had a smile on his face when he said it!! a smile!! this was nothing to smile at and i did not think it was funny to turn down a request for literature to help a local community center. i told him to wipe that silly little smile off is face and called him a silly little man. i was so angry i am so grateful i did not say anything else. i have called my sponsor twice now and i need to make another phone call, i am still very upset about this.
This man was my husbands best friend for 5 years now. i want them to continue to be friends i want to just agree to disagree and i don't think that is what is going to happen. my husband thinks his friend was dead wrong and he has an issue with women and he will not tolerate it. i think it is sweet but i don't want to see a friendship end over this. however i will stand my ground. the last time some one verbally attacked me at an area meeting i sat there and said nothing, left and cried for hours. this time i didn't back down, but i wasn't very graceful at it either. learning to stand in my own truth has been a struggle, especially since i still don't think very highly of myself and half the time i think i deserve to be treated bad or my opinion don't count. baggage from the past does not go easily.

i am grateful for my area and service work. i demanded the hispanic group be put on the phone line and meeting schedules. and i demanded the new group we just got be put on as well, and i demanded the area help. we got our demands, though it should not have come down to a demand. per policy there are no requirements to be on our meeting schedules and yet here we are making groups wait because one person is refusing to do his work. and he is making up rules as he goes along. so he just printed off 3000 meeting schedules and then after he was told he had to put us on he said it wouldn't happen for three months cause we just got them done and the groups told him to re print now. he was not happy about that at all, so now i have to send him a meeting update form, which is on my computer anyway.
ok i better go i need to get to the gym, i did not lose any weight last week i think it was the stress and not going to the gym. hope you all have a great monday, i have a workshop tonight and it is very, very needed.


Andrea said...

WOW..what a weekend.

Syd said...

Sounds like a very disagreeable meeting. I hope that you are okay and that you can continue your good work with a serene mind. I don't like confrontations and try to avoid them. But being called a liar is a bit much for anyone to take.