Wednesday, May 26, 2010


getting ready for a rehearsal tonight, we are going over the panel presentation for the probation officers. there will be 60 in attendance, that it friggen a lot of people. i am overwhelmed and not able to tolerate my little ones. i am frustrated with myself and i need a meeting. maybe i will stay for the meeting after the class tonight.

we got our fence like trellis up for the beans!! the garden looks amazing.

my oldest is totally dramatic when it comes to moving and she is acting like such a victim. it astounds me how much like her mother she is. while she wants to stay here in wichita with a girlfriends family, i was actually open to the suggestion, my darling husband was not. his position was if it was that important for her to remain at this school then we not move. shit, why does he always have to be the rational one? it is like he is so opposite me.

i see my therapist next week, luckily i didn't say my feelings when we tried to 'talk' with my oldest, cause boy did i want to lay into her!!

i guess i will go weed some in the garden now. hope to post some more pictures soon.


Andrea said...

Work those frustrations from your teenager out as you weed.

Andrew said...

Imposed changes are hard on the little ones. Go slow and easy with her.

Syd said...

I can imagine that moving is tough for a child. I don't deal with change so well myself.

DivineMistyM said...

Geez suze how many times did we move when we were growing up? when did we ever have a say in the matter? and look at how we turned out. Why not stay and give her the stability she is craving or tell her to just deal with it, because honestly... she's 16, and she needs to just deal with it. The girl needs a hard dose of reality me thinks. Have you read her facebook lately?