Saturday, May 22, 2010

quick update

i have been so busy, i even lost my mind for a minute. i haven't posted in so long it is like a world away and my computer is right here in front of me. as far as service work i am preparing to present my fellowship to the community corrections department and our audience will be all the probation officers in the county, we are also preparing to do a presentation to a big drug rehab place that works with the courts and currently has 1500 clients. that will have every substance abuse counselor as the audience. we are looking into moving the group to be able to host more hispanic meetings in the week. i got the shirts printed for our area campout, my design, i designed the itinerary/flier for our fourth of july campout, i have a load of input to submit to put into the world services. and i still have to make my report for area.
tomorrow we are heading back out to winfield to look at some more houses, we are actually looking at brand new homes that are in foreclosure and up for short sales. exciting and scary and i am looking into new therapy for handling my life better. i need help, i am an addict and i came from a very chaotic home and i have ptsd that pops up and anxiety that can destroy my family. i read moms blog and she wondered why her baby would ever think of going back to living like a using addict, because we feel we deserve no better in life, because we have this filter that twists our perception of what we hear others say and we believe our feelings even though they don't match reality.

i am going to watch suze orman now and i hope everyone is well i miss you all and will try to catch up tomorrow after the home search. my garden is a wreck we had 4 days of rain and the trees blue these little white seeds everywhere this year and now these little green things are growing all over our garden!! it looks horrible!! so we are going to work on it tomorrow, i even tried to plant more flowers by seed but i am going to have to till it all up because those other damn seeds are choking it out!! but my marigolds are the size of my fist!! Gorgeous!! it feels good to post, i am sorry how long my hiatus was. i hope to get back into the groove of it again it actually helps me to list everything i need to do and keep perspective. hey does anyone know about short sales? could we be in danger of bidding too low? when there are multiple homes in foreclosure in the neighborhood?


Kim A. said...

I remember my nerves were all over the place when we found this house, in an exciting and frustrating way! How wonderful you get to find the house that "fits" you now! The rain has done the same thing here..we are replanting the garden this weekend. The ducks are in heaven though. Have a serene week, dear.


Jingle said...

life is always full of multi-layered emotions..
Happy Sunday!

Yes, you can use the post of mine today. I wrote it.

Syd said...

I hope you will be back to posting. How is the daycare doing? Wedding the garden some every day or using the raised bed method keeps the weeds at bay. Take care and good luck with house hunting.

Brian Miller said...

sounds like you are in thick of it...keep your perspective and keep smiling. good to see you!

Susan at Stony River said...

Good luck with the house search - I hope you find the right one and love it for years!