Tuesday, July 7, 2009

check out these garden pictures!!!

this is my jalapeno plant. or plants there are four closely planted pepper plants, try to say that three times fast!! and i have two jalapeno peppers growing very cool, or hot stuff!!

check out this bad boy!! it is over 12 inches long!! can i grow a garden or what!! i totally missed this one, wes actually found it today, i told him that i went to look there about a week ago and a big white spider was there so i just left it there to kill bad bugs and didn't bother to look again!!
here is my little helper, these tomato plants are taller than her and there are over 40 tomatoes now!!
these are my cucumber vines and behind them of course are my zucchini plants i found little cucumbers today, i hadn't looked at all until wes showed me the big one!!
these back here are my watermelon, cantaloupe and butternut squash, don't know how or when to expect any kind of harvest, but they sure are taking off!!
here is my special prize today one big red tomato, we decided last night to wait until today to harvest this guy and eat him up and then when i went out there this morning i found this hanging on my plant.
i thought crows only ate field corn!! how the he$% am i supposed to keep them from eating all my red juicy delicious tomatoes!! i was so excited my first tomato!! well we ate it anyway!!

ok for some real new stuff, i have taken on babysitting, going for a daycare license and will have up to four little ones plus my two to boot. but at the rate of 4 dollars per hour per kid that is 16 bucks an hour and i would not be leaving my kids any where else and i am only taking first shift, 2 of whom will be here at 5:30 in the morning so i need to finish up. this is a temporary thing until i figure out how to market myself as a professional photography retouch and graphic artist. i will have my bad debt paid off by the end of summer and i will be starting to pay down my student loans, yeah me!!! wes is going on a trek tomorrow to find his fathers people, i think this is a great thing, my Haley has a dentist appointment tomorrow and there is the womens meeting as well. we had the electrician come and do the sump pump today and the stover guy (liner dudes) informed us that there is a pinhole leak under the kitchen sink, so the plummer will be here tomorrow as well. lots of fun. we have not finished painting the kitchen and wes still has not called a realtor. we did get rid of the old washer and dryer today scrapped it and got a whopping 1.20!! then passed a sign saying "we buy appliances" cest la vie!!
gratitude list to keep me where my feet are;
1. today i am grateful i haven't relapsed.
2. today i am grateful i am still alive.
3. today i am grateful i give back to my community.
4. today i am grateful for my new home group.
5. today i am grateful for my family.
i don't think i need to elaborate on how much i love my girls, that is pretty self explanitory when you read my posts, i love to wake up each morning and work the pain out of my back so i can be with my babies. they are such a gift and truly bless me everyday with their loving smiles. today they were outside playing and gillybean called to haley and said "come on haley!" then she grabbed her big sisters hand and they started running together. it was so sweet to watch them. i am so grateful for my life today. todays thought; "Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some."-Robert Fulghum


Shadow said...

your girls are fortunate to have you as their mom! the mom with green fingers too...

Gin said...

I am thankful for your beautiful garden and for the pictures that you shared!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your garden is just beautiful...so is your little helper. Did you take a breath while typing all the 'new' stuff? gosh...busy busy busy.
Love your gratitude lists...enjoy those babies of yours.
can't help you with the crows!!

Ann said...

Awesome garden - I love the pics - thanks for sharing!!!

G-Man said...

Can we all say..POPPERS??

You are such an honest soul, I'd love to know you in the 3-D world.

Prayer Girl said...

Your tomato looks so scrumptious. I'm sure whatever was eating before you left no germs. I would have had to eat it too.

All the pictures of your garden are wonderful.

You are blessed,

ChaiLatte said...

I wish I was your neighbor- you know how neighbors share their garden abundance! : ) You are an awesome mom and wonderful person! Thank you for always supporting me on my blog!

Lou said...

Good grief--are you radiating those plants;)

Kids make life worthwhile..

LarryG said...

very cool, and you have a great green thumb!

Syd said...

If you're worried about the animals eating your tomatoes, pick them when they are pinked up and put them in a sunny window to ripen. It is a great way to ripen tomatoes.
Great looking garden, by the way. I'm really proud of you!

Jadey said...

Great Garden and good luck with the daycare sounds like fun. My 55 is up