Sunday, November 7, 2010

update on life

i have been so busy i haven't had time to blog or read up on comments. i took my oldest to therapy last week and i think it helped alot. the arguing came to a head and she said she did not want to go to college and wes told her he was not going to allow her to throw away everything she has worked so hard for. they are set to go to the college for a campus visit and they spent several hours together yesterday practicing for the act. she is going to retake the test. i think their visit helped their relationship a bit. they need more time together to get to know each other.

today i am going to do a bit of christmas shopping. yesterday we were going to go size my ring and look but the practice exam was more pressing and those two really needed some good time together. i must admit i was very, very disappointed not to be able to go look at my ring. but my daughter must come first. so maybe we can go next week as the jewelers are closed today.

oh also we are going to go get our Harry Potter tickets today!! eeee i am sooo excited. i need something to be excited about after the dems threw away an election!! very disappointed about that. i was grateful though, that o'donnell did not win, she is a loon!! that is my opinion.

area is next week and i am very, very nervous about it and region is the following week and i have been procrastinating my service work to that. so i will get on that tomorrow. don't want to deal with it now.

i had a talk with "A's" army recruiter. apperantly the first seargant of jrotc talked with her about our conversation. i was as pleasant as i could be and i asked her a lot of questions. the first thing she said was 'i don't know what your daughter has been telling you but i just wanted to let you know i was not misleading your daughter in any way.' whatever. i set an appointment with her to come to visit on the 15th at 6:pm so we can sit and discuss this with her. wes will be here and i will allow him to grill her like a cheeseburger!!! even "A's" therapist told her not to trust a recruiter. so anyway i think we are on the right track now and she does really want to go to college. really and i am excited for her and she is moving forward and putting in effort on her own behalf now.

i really appreciate everything you all do for me. you may not know it but you are truly a wonderful support base. i will continue to blog and continue to check up on everyone when i have more time. right now i have laundry and a shower on my agenda.

today's thought; "Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth."- Benjamin Direali


Dulce said...

Hugs my dear
And be well
I love that quote
yes apologies forbidden

kristi said...

I am a little unhappy with my teen today. Sigh. It is not easy being a parent!

Carrie Burtt said...

I think it gets harder as they get older....their problems get more complicated, and sometimes we cannot help at all....simply watch and pray....hope you have a wonderful week! :-)

Syd said...

Glad that some things are getting resolved. Hope that you stop by when you can.