Friday, November 12, 2010

hello again

gosh it's been a while since i have been on here. my "A" was inducted into the national honor society. my sisters family still has chaos reigning in her life daily, my brother slept on my couch last night as he fought with his significant other and i ended up checking him in at the er. he thought they were going to keep him and sounded disappointed when they decided to let him go. he has heart and many other issues at 33 years old. so i thought he  should just camp out and let the dust settle before going home to more arguing. i don't care if he stays or goes with whoever he chooses, it is not my fight, my only concern was to give his heart a rest last night.

it is raining today. i am heading to the gym in a bit a little late to do so but still i need to. i have my Christmas list almost ready and the boys are going in on a new television for wes's mother. if she doesn't get completely shell shocked, nothing will get to her!! she is going to be so amazingly surprised. her current model is a box job about 19 inches and it has this big magnifying glass connected on the front of it so she can see it. she needs an upgrade and her boys are going to give her one!! so i will be off in the mad dash of black Friday this year and i haven't done so in about 9 years. the last time i did so was when Walmart had some TVs for 50 bucks it was right before all the flat screens started coming out. we stood in line for hours but it was all in good fun. and i am willing to do so again for a good cause!!

i went to Micheal's yesterday, we were going to school and no one told me that my girls class was closed due to the veterans day. so we went to Micheal's and got some Christmas ornaments instead. it was such fun to see their little eyes light up at all the wonderful Christmas displays. i want to start decorating now except my family tells me i must wait until after thanksgiving. such spoil sports i tell ya. i just love this time of year.

we are still on schedule to go ring sizing and shopping this Saturday!! we have decided to get married on our original anniversary, so it won't be this year but it will be on February 11. i told him that way we only have one date to remember. he agreed it was a good idea. i am going to contact my uncle in California, my fathers brother and see if he will come to walk me down the aisle. my sister thinks he will be honored. i can hardly believe i am talking wedding plans!! it will be at least a year out if not two. we need to have the funds and we need to plan correctly, and we need to lose a bit more weight!! i want to look pretty in whatever i am wearing...

i haven't posted a flash fiction in two weeks, i feel so out of touch i need to catch up on everyone. my therapist told me a while back to do the opposite of anger when i get angry. last night i got angry at both Wes and "A". so i made dinner and brought Wes to the table with his plate ready to go and i hugged my daughter and told her how pretty she looked and it worked. i wasn't angry. well at least for this time it worked i have no delusions of grandeur that this will happen each time as it took effort for me to actually try to be kind when i was feeling mad. however, it DID WORK. it was very tangible and i hope to hold onto it.

so i am off again to live more life today, hopefully more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. for today's thought; "Have the courage to live; anyone can die."- Robert Cody


Andrew said...

I love your thought for the day!

Any one can do as they please.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Poignant thought for the day. :)

Syd said...

I am happy for you. You write with peace and calmness today. Looking forward to hearing more about the wedding.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You have a LOT going on too.
I hope your brother can regain some health..he is so young.
Love that YOU love Christmas so much...your girls will enjoy it too then.
Your MIL will be shocked with the new TV...that is a wonderful gift.

Eli said...

How did Black Friday go for you? It doesn't really sound like my cup of tea. I've done most of my Christmas shopping online. That's the introvert way: I don't have to deal with any people! :)

Congratulations on your engagement! Glad to hear about that.