Monday, June 7, 2010

monday update

i wish i had something funny to write about today. it has been a rough week. my friends daughter died. we have the viewing today, prayer service tonight and the funeral tomorrow. i will go to the viewing today for a bit, but i have prior commitments so i cannot go to the funeral. i am heading to the gym in a minute. i have lost 16 pounds since i started weight watchers. i even created a 2 point cookie recipe!! chocolate chip of course. i make the best cookies. i was going to post it but i am tired of giving everything away, i think i am going to put a cook book together. low cal, low sodium and great tasting. god knows i have had tons of practice with all this nonsense. well i looked at the weight watchers online and they have great recipes but they use the most expensive ingredients you can find. i use what i have in the cupboard i have a family of 5 and a budget. i want to create a budget friendly, family fun cookbook that anyone can use. i even have a 1 point pancake, the kids love to help. i think it is valuable to teach kids to cook you would be amazed at how many people today do not cook. so i am working on that.
as far as the daycare goes, i need to start advertising, now that i know about when we will be moving i can take kids on a part time basis. the summer. we paid off the truck which feels absolutely amazing!! two years ahead of schedule!!! so now we are saving for closing costs then we will put a bid on our house. if it is sold however, we know a contractor who can build our dream home for the price we are looking for!! i am so blessed. we have scrimped and saved and now we are getting our dream home!!

so for my service work, i typed up 5 scripts for the community corrections. we are presenting to 60 probation officers. i am facilitating. tomorrow i go to project safe streets to see about raising awareness and having other community events to host workshops in. this past weekend we attended the multicultural event at the baseball stadium. this weekend we have our area business meeting and i am very afraid after last months debacle. i yelled at the groups and our public information chair, it sucked. in the meantime the hispanic group is still not on the area meeting schedules, since our chair is fighting tooth and nail to keep us from being on there. yet it is because of the hispanic group that the area has this opportunity to present to the community corrections probation officers. we are the ones doing this footwork. i can't talk any more about it i am getting too nervous

i need to go to the gym take a shower then go to the viewing. write up a bunch of reports for this weekend, tomorrow i have the presentation then i am cooking for the family, we are all pitching in to take food to my girlfriends family, then on wednesday 'a' has pt, then we have the final rehearsal before the presentation then on thursday the big presentation then counseling then weigh in, i will probably lose weight just from nerves alone. sometimes life is so fast i feel i can't keep up. i hope you all have a wonderful week, enjoy your family, hug your babies extra hard and don't forget to tell them how much they mean to you. we are not meant to be here forever.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so sorry for the loss of a young girl.
Take care, take it easy.

Mama Zen said...

I will hug my little girl extra hard today!

Congratulations on paying the truck off early. Isn't that the best feeling?

Andrew said...

The sweet and the sour.

Great post.

Chic Mama said...

I'm so sorry about your friend's daughter.
Well done for conquering so much...good luck with the cookery sounds like a great idea. X

Shadow said...

my deepest condolences to your friend...

and *gulp*, 16 pounds???? that's phenomenal!!! good for you!!! and do that cookbook thingy. that will be a seller for sure!!!

Em said...

I would buy that cookbook! And yes, I think it is very valuable that you are teaching your kids to cook. I am one of those people who don't cook and it's frustrating. I wish I had that inspiration and motivation. I used to put all my energy into drinking, so I'm trying other outlets these days. BTW I wanted to say I've bookmarked your other blog. I am a Spanish major in college and definitely need my practical practice with the language, what better way than to read an interesting blog :) Condolences to your friend :(

Jingle said...

sad news,
cheer up..
prayers to the family who has lost a child..
Thank you and Happy Tuesday!

Syd said...

I'm sorry about the young girl's death. That is sad.

Glad that your weight loss is going well. And that things are moving along with your dream house--having a dream is really important.

Jingle said...

Happy June!
Thank you for the support.
mine 55 is up!