Friday, February 26, 2010

here i am!!

sorry guys i haven't been blogging since a week ago thursday!! wow we had business meetings all weekend last week and now i am starting the first hispanic NA group in wichita with a couple of other poeple and we are needing chairs!! of all things we need chairs to sit on!! oh my gosh i have been making a ton of artwork for NA and booked a place for the May regions here in town!!

this weekend we have a womens sleepover and i am so excited!! yeah no kids!! no men!! just girls having fun in recovery!!

i switched out our home and car insurance and did all the paperwork on that, wes is in contact with an attorney to get his record expunged so i can get my daycare license!!

anyway i am washing my car today and tilling my garden, oh my gosh there are radishes out there!! and my lemon balm has new growth already!! my rue is coming in and i did nothing to them they are just out there growing!! We are going to till up the soil and i am going to put my vine plants where my tomatoes were last year and switch it around. it is almost time to start planting and i need to order seeds, not going to Walmart for those this year!!!!

wow so busy, gotta get my grill warmed up i am so sorry i miss everyone so much but my real life has me real busy in recovery these days. we may be getting a MAC soon!!

My "A" is getting ready for ACT's and we are just flying through life today ,Wes finally got his promotion, he was passed up 3 years in a row!! I am so proud of him!!

OK Hopefully i can stop by on Monday and catch up our first meeting will be Sunday night so i will have news on that, I need to go find chairs now and hope my literature order comes in tomorrow!!
Take care of each other!!!
oh and i have been getting these strange comments from anonymous bloggers since i shut off my word verification so i am turning it back on, sorry about the inconvenience but i am not an advertisement, i even stopped my google ads so ok gotta go there is the phone


Andrea said...

We missed you. Sounds like things are progressing speedily around your house. Hope things continue to go well.
Blessings, andrea

PS: U could stop by and wash my car...oh might fall apart if it becomes!

Steve E said...

Ain't it GREAT to be BUSY?

...and CLEAN and SOBER!!!

I love your enthusiasm.....

Brian Miller said...

missed you on the 55 round this week. sounds like you have been busy though. some good things in there though. hope you have a great weekend!

Ms Hen said...

All Wonderful Things..!!

I was a bit worry.. when you did not blog since last Thursday...

I'm so happy .. so many good things.. Congratulations on Wes' Promotion..

And the Day care gig coming up.. and the new meeting.. and all good..

(and sorry about the sadness of the student that died in the car crash that you wrote about on my blog comment section.. very sad.. too young)

Enchanted Oak said...

Don't forget to take a breath now and then, sweetheart! I'm happy about your herbs. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ann said...

WOW!!! You sound very productive and busy!!! Life is sooo great when we actually participate!!!! Love your blog and your recovery!!!!

Akelamalu said...

Missed your 55 this week but first things first eh? :)

Kim A. said...

Your gardening successes are making me wish I could go till now but it's still winter here. I love hearing about your plans and busy day. I am looking forward so spring..whenever it gets here.

have a green weekend.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Whew full life! You have been missed, but gratefully so that you come back with such enthusiasm!

g-man said...


Syd said...

Good for you with the garden. It is getting to be that time to get our hands in the dirt.