Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday- recovery first

Every Friday write a short story, poem or limerick what ever you feel,
then report to the g-man and see who else played along!!

"needles and pipes, rolling papers and plastic bags
the itch is so strong and the urge causes pain

embracing the numb and tingling inside
your heart starts to race as you swallow your pride

years have gone by and those days are in the past
in recovery I have found a precious serenity at last"

Here you go g-man!! Tomorrow i head to Hutchinson to Celebrate my clean time anniversary with my girls, there are two of the most wonderful women in recovery whom i have the honor to share clean time with we are all celebrating 5 years in the same month, and we never knew each other before NA!!
i got to go to another meeting tonight and it was so wonderful, it was 45 miles away as well so probably not a good idea for a home group. there is a lot i need to think about in regards to my last post but i sure feel a lot better after going to a real meeting. gratitude list;
  1. today i am grateful for the empathy my honey shows me when my head is filled with storms.
  2. today i am grateful i know where my solutions are and i have the tools to feel better.
  3. today i am grateful my children and i had no temper tantrums.
  4. today i am grateful my bean wore real panties all day!!
  5. today i am grateful i am not my little brother.
  6. today i am grateful i am not my older sister.
  7. today i am grateful i do not own their chaos.
  8. today i am grateful for my sponsor.
  9. today i am grateful i surrender my will.
  10. today i am grateful i don't have to be right.
  11. today i am grateful i tried to make bread!!
  12. today i am grateful for the willingness to try again!
did you know that sugar activates yeast to make dough rise? i did not know that. i made a wonderful recipe today that did not require you to put the yeast in warm water first. and it called for sugar so i used splenda? did you know splenda does not help yeast activate? i did not know that. but these things taste sooo good i need to try this recipe again!! last time i made bread it was like a baguette and hard and thick and yucky. this was chewy and the flavor was good!! so i will try again, Wes said he will help me since i never really made bread before and there are some things i should know. my bean is looking at me right now, she is out of bed so i better tend to my sweetie.. see you soon!!!


Anonymous said...

count your many blessings. They are numerous

Ronda Laveen said...

C&C: beautiful 55. Congrats and enjoy your girls this weekend. Today i am grateful for you.

Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful....the rhythm of your 55 flows so smoothly. It's perfect.

And I must add a congrats on your accomplishing this...not only the 55, but the 'serenity at last'.

Mine's HERE. Scroll down below my Friday's Show n Tell to find my 55.

Have a great weekend.

Shadow said...

a 55 this rings in my heart...

and i have to say, home-made bread is simply THE best thing in the world.

Brian Miller said...

glad you found that serenity...wonderful 55. mine is up!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, your gratitude list and your touching 55. Those of us in recovery, I'm sure, can identify with the demons that continue to lurk. I know mine are there, somewhere.

Have a wonderful time celebrating your sobriety with your friends. Hugs,


I'm up:

Friday Flash 55 ~ Checkmate

Ms Hen said...

What an honest 55. (hugs)

You always have great tips about cooking and such..

I love your GRATITUDE LIST......

Betty Ann

Indigo said...

Beautiful 55 dear friend! I love homemade bread, but don't see myself having the patience to make it. (Hugs)Indigo

P.S. I didn't know some breads had sugar in them.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great 55 words...the fight continues.
Congrats on your list...almost potty trained!!! yay.
The splenda story will stay with me..I will remember this.

otin said...

Great 55! You sound like you are on a great path with the grateful list!

Akelamalu said...

Wondeful 55, I'm so glad those days are behind you m'dear.

Thanks for the info on diabetes and the good wishes. x

Kim A. said...

Your 55 was as full of peace as your gratitude list. Yeah for Bean!! I love making bread..just the smell gives me peaceful feelings. I didn't know about the splenda thing..good thing to know.

have a warm, safe, and beanie weekend!


Alice Audrey said...

Serenity is such a fragile, precious thing. Even memory can make it tremble.

Lou said...

Five years! One day at a time really starts to add up, doesn't it. I'm so happy for you and your family;)

Dulce said...

I loved this one!
great 55

Mama Zen said...

I didn't know that about Splenda!

Have a lovely clean time anniversary with the girls!

Prayer Girl said...

Recovery is precious. Your gratitude list is precious too. It has recovery written all over it.


g-man said...

I'm so happy and proud of you CC.
Excellent 55 as well My Dear.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....G-Daddy

Peter Stone said...

Loved that last line, serenity is such a wonderful thing. Great 55.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

That is a beautiful 55. Perfectly expressed. I am so happy for you, each day, and one at a time.

Susan said...

The line about swallowing your pride really got me. I've never learned to sacrifice mine yet. Great 55. Thanks for visiting mine!

KB said...

A 55 written with such passion. Fantastic.

Enchanted Oak said...

Congratulations on your five years of recovery! You're awesome, girl!

Felicitas said...

You obviously have so much to be grateful for and so much to be proud of. Congratulations on your clean anniversary!

I'm also betting you'll be making great bread like a fiend before long and then you will show your partner a thing or two about the process! LOVED this post C.S.!

DivineMistyM's Opinion said...

we make our own bread here as well. We sometimes substitute honey for the sugar. It is fricken awesome! If you don't want a crusty top, spray the top of the loaf with water first and take a 9 in round cake pan and fill it halfway with water and set it under your loaf while it bakes.

Eaton Bennett said...

It's taken me two days to get here to ready your touching and inspiring 55! Bless you and you're family with buckets of love and strength.

Those red cone flowers are from the flowering gum tree, known as a Ficifolia. They are mid flowering cycle right now in Melbourne.
Thank you for visiting my photos. :))

Syd said...

Great post. Happy clean time to you and your friends.