Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat?

Well I guess it is fair to say that Halloween is not for the faint of heart. My what a beautiful warm spring like evening we had though, it is usually blistering cold. Though I had my two little witches dressed warm I was not totally ready for such a hectic event. First I think they were broken, my babies were broken. My usually cute and fun loving duo were just simply not. They cried at everything. Everything, they cried in the car, cried at the mall, cried at the doctor's office, OK so I suppose Halloween is not the day you should schedule a flu shot. So we left the mall before they even started handing out candy because the screaming was bothering the rest of the customers in the mall. The girls must have planned this or something because I felt very, very picked on I couldn't even get a picture with their hats on. They refused to wear their witches hats!! How can I get a good Halloween picture without their hats on!! Then we forgot to get any candy for trick or treaters, we took them to a church carnival and it was absolutely perfect. But it took only about five minutes of our time, so I drove them to a few houses and my oldest decided to come along and take the kids, my sisters two boys as well, to a few houses for some real trick or treating. You know I am so grateful for my program today because I never once yelled at my kids for being fussy, and we enjoyed ourselves when we sat down to dinner and reflected on the difficulties of the day. This is not something that I learned how to do growing up, when I was young my family didn't talk to each other we yelled at each other. It is very hard sometimes to not yell when it comes so naturally. Today was something I am very proud of because instead of ruining the day with a bad attitude I was able to keep my serenity even with missing appointments, and letting the perfect picture get away didn't phase me in the least. My sister would spend the evening crying and blaming her kids for not cooperating to get her a picture. I used to do the same thing. And did I mention that I survived the day with no sleep due to my one year old staying up all night last night!! Poor little thing passed out before we got home and she didn't even budge when I brought her in. We I am wiped out and very happy with my imperfect, perfect day. Happy Halloween everybody!! I thank my recovery and my Higher Power for helping me to make lemonade out of my lemony day. I made that up myself, my own little happy inspiration for this blog.

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