Wednesday, March 31, 2010

growing family

This is the beans baby picture. she was only one day old. she was pink and perfect. i don't have Haley or "A's" baby pictures.

This is Haley at her one year birthday party, the bean was 13 days old.

Haley loves chocolate cake and always had that smile.

Here they are today, riding daddy like a horsey, and falling off.

still cheesing for the camera!! I swear they kill me with their smiles and is so sweet to be with them all the time. i know sometimes i get in my moods but for the most part it is love and today my recovery tells me it is more then just not using. it means not yelling, it means not hitting, it means to be direct and loving. it means not telling my children things like "why do you make me so angry?" you know things like that instill in a child a sense of whatever they are doing it is wrong. i always thought i was wrong. because i was told mean things, far worse then that. today i am grateful my children have a strong sense of security in me as their mother. and they don't always like me but they can trust in me to protect and love them. they go to bed at 8:30 and they get their teeth brushed and a story read to them, sometimes 2 at night. those were things i never had growing up, structure and a sense of security. they wake up in the morning and get (they are so spoiled) chocolate milk and they watch their morning PBS shows and we make breakfast together. Haley loves to help and it helps with her tantrums to have her come in and learn to clean and cook. she loves helping, i love teaching her, my mother taught me to cook very young as well.

i am swamped with service work, our new Hispanic group is off and running with public information service. they are signed up for a Hispanic health fair on the 10th of April and we don't have enough pamphlets, our area literature chair did not put our order in last month, she was going to do it today but it won't get here in time for the health fair, so now i am scrambling to get the right pamphlets we need in Spanish. i have to get my area report ready and i am working on a bi-lingual artwork for our area campout shirts. i really want to unify the area with the Latino community. i am excited about the new book world is working on, we just finished reading the 3rd chapter in a workshop i have been facilitating in Winfield. we are going to continue each week until we are finished with all three chapters and then submit review and input. the whole book is scheduled to be finished by April 2011 and so far it is amazing.
well my girls want to make some oatmeal this morning i think i will have a fresh fruit protein shake with some strawberries and peaches. we have hit the gym at least 3X's per week the last two weeks and are going again tonight. it is a beautiful 70 + day today and we will go play some baseball and hand till the garden, have not had time to rent a tiller but it is getting time to get planted and we have been over worked with life that i just need to get it going and get some starters planted. yeah spring is here!!
so for todays thought; "I am more convinced that our happiness or unhappiness depends more on the way we meet the events of life then on the nature of those events themselves."-Alexander Humboldt


Andrea said...

Beautiful those smiles! THANK YOU for sharing, today.
Hugs, andrea

Ms Hen said...

Too cute.

Enjoy the service work. (hugs)

Enjoy the warm weather.

YAY about the gym...!! good for you..

The shake sounds yummy.

Akelamalu said...

Beautiful children and beautiful smiles! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Little girl smiles are great...enjoy them!!!
Good luck on your garden. Glad you are feeling the SPRING season too.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely about happiness really being an "inside job." How we react to events and look at the world is entirely up to us. Thanks for the reminder.

74WIXYgrad said...

I have two grandkids that love mugging for the camera. Helps you keep the warm fuzzies after they leave.

Steve E said...

I am a lover of smiles, and I dish them out, also...but what I'm really wondering is what do you do. I mean with your spare time--grin?

Shadow said...

to be able to give what we didn't have... now that is a precious gift indeed.

Syd said...

Great photos. Glad that your garden is going to be tilled. Ours is doing great. We had collards last week and cabbage today.