Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life truly is busy today

i am a horrible blogger!! i am going to give you all the excuses in the book, and the fact is they are true!!

ok so we went to see Santa Claus!! That was very important, now I have to find a Pop the Pig game and no idea where to look! Then we reserved the hall for the wedding, ordered the invitations, my sister got her matron of honor dress, haley got strep, now gillian has strep, girl scouts is friday, the beans birthday is on Thursday her party is on Saturday, still havent wrapped one single present, Have to make a calendar for girlscouts, worked on artwork for a new years t-shirt, got a petition going and started to keep my nephews school open.

got the office functional that took a whole saturday, then got the spare room functional that took 2 days!! We had a party for Christmas, need to reschedule Wes appointment for tuxedo rental. Did some more online shopping.

Now i need to deliver a medications list i created for a sponsee, pick up party decorations for the birthday party, bake cookies and cupcakes for this party, send out christmas cards, wrap birthday presents and christmas presents, deliver the petitions, finish my wedding invitations, they are the do it yourself kind, figure out what kind of flowers i want to make a bouqet, send out the invites, order Wes's tux, i don't think he wants to wear one but i am going to be a bridezilla on this one. hit some meetings, a new years dance, have a bridal shower, oh and keep up this blog. i know there is something i forgot, but i have to go, i feel like a 'human-doing' instead of a 'human-being'. so i need to slow down.

if i slow down this afternoon i will sit here and try to read up on some of you all!! oh and i have to share this

the other day Wes was home from work and he was on the couch reading the newspaper, the bean was sitting next to him with part of the newspaper she was reading (upside down) while she hummed 'it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'. i sat there and stared with delight and what a wonderful picture it was... i just love this time of year... Q


Smitty said...

And so, in this busy time of year, remember to make time to breathe it all in.

Enjoyed that you got to enjoy the spontaneous music of Christmas, through Bean, today!

Syd said...

I hope that you had a good Christmas. Missing your blog writing but glad that you are doing well.

G-Man said...

Some people miss you ya know (sniff)